About Me

Thanks to Mohammed Ziyad and his amazing camera work for the picture 🙂

Sports has been rejuvinating my soul ever since I can remember…I have watched, followed, read about and written on all sorts of sports. Cricket remains an eternal favourite and this blog is a reflection of how I connect the dots in the sporting world to my life. It’s all about living life @ the speed of sport! Hope you have fun reading the posts.

I am a senior writer at a national newsweekly, an aspiring academician, freelance trainer, running enthusiast and a quizzing nut. You can follow me on Twitter too @tarequelaskar


3 responses to “About Me

  1. Venkhi A

    sir y don’t u write books like chetan bhagat

  2. Pramod Kumar

    Hi sir,
    Please write something about personality development. As for the feedback given by you during NEP presentation are very clear and helpful to us. You make us to realize the value of presentations. Thank you sir. if somebody teaches us like you from the day one then we would be definitely able to develop our skills.

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