The Olympics Pop Quiz

Been paying attention to the Rio Olympics? Good. Now it’s time to get your pencils sharpened and your quiz game on fleek, to tackle the Olympics pop quiz. 

Q1. 12 minutes is significant in context of the Rio Olympics because:

A. It was the time taken by muggers to go through swimmer Ryan Lochte’s pockets because he was wearing cargo pants

B. It was the length of a controversial bathroom break taken by Kei Nishikori in the bronze medal game v Rafael Nadal after he lost the second set

C. It is the average time taken from the beginning of each Games for unbridled optimism about India’s chances to turn into downright cynicism

D. It is the amount of time Usain Bolt would take to reach Kingston from Rio if he could run in a straight line.

Q2. “Whatever” was…

A. The response of Ryan Lochte when he was being mugged

B. Vijay Goel when he was trying to type Dipa Karmakar’s name

C. The summary of strategy discussions between points when Bopanna and Paes were playing

D. McKayla Maroney’s thought bubble in this picture


Q3. In this picture,


US swimmer Katie Ledecky is waiting for

A. Receiving her gold medal

B. her competitiors to finish so that they can come to get their silver and bronze and then she can get her gold medal

C. Someone named Godot

Q4. When asked if he is really retiring after the Olympics, champion Indian shooter Abhinav Bindra responded by

A. Offering to check in with Shahid Afridi and Lionel Messi and get back

B. Offering to sell his rifle

Q5. Michael Phelps has more gold medals all time than

A. All but 32 of the 205 countries competing at Rio

B. The Conquistadors, Fort Knox and Goldfinger combined

C. Meh. Phelps Schelps. Leonidas of Rhodes RULES!

Q6. The average number of shoes worn by each runner at the finish line of the women’s 3000m steeplechase Heat 3 of Round 1 was

A. 2

B. 1.94

C. 0

Q7. On which of these railway ticket collectors turned athletes is a biopic NOT being released this year?

A. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

B. Lalita Shivaji Babar

Q8. Which of these is British long distance runner Mo Farah’s favourite Chumbawamba lyric?

A. “I get knocked down”

B. “But I get up again”

C. “You’re never gonna keep me down”

Q9. Which half of SanTina won a medal at this Olympics?

A. Sania Mirza

B. Martina Hingis

C. None of them

Q10. Rank in the order of least to most terrifying when any of these things turn green…

A. A traffic light

B. Dr. Bruce Banner

C. The water in the Rio Olympics diving pool

Q11. This is a picture from


A. The Olympics fencing competition

B. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Q12. Brady Ellison is


A. An elite champion American archer

B. Leo DiCaprio auditioning in disguise for The Hunger Games reboot

BONUS QUESTION: This picture represents Usain Bolt reacting to


A. South African Wayde Niekirk’s World Record shattering 400m run

B. The awesomeness of this quiz


1 (B) Kei Nishikori did take a long-ish bathroom break after the second set. And his opponent Rafa was Al Pacino levels furious.Al-Pacino-Out-of-Order

2. (A) Evidently, Lochte had had enough of that s***!

3. (A) But with the margins she had, can’t rule out B either. Katie ledecky

4. (B) Not sure if it’ll be up on eBay though.

5. (A) But let’s just say if the Gold Standard were ever to return, the new central bank of the world would be called Phelps-deral Reserve.

6. (B) Out of the 17 runners, Etenesh Diro lost her shoe in a collision and left us with this iconic image. Diro(Diro eventually was allowed by the IAAF to compete in the finals despite finishing outside the qualifying places.Lost shoes do always lead to Cinderella stories, huh?)

7. (B) Babar was the first Indian after PT Usha to qualify for the finals of a track event at the Olympics. She finished tenth in the final of the 3000m steeplechase.

8. ALL OF THEM. Farah fell down during the finals of the 10,000 meters but recovered, got up and won gold. No sweat. Move over, Rocky theme, Tubthumping is the new inspiration.

9. (C) TRICK QUESTION! In the middle of the Olympics, we had news that SanTina had ceased to exist! (Hingis, of course, did win a silver in the women’s doubles)

10. I’d be terrified of B, but really, C was quite shocking.

11. (A) These are not sabers you are looking for.

12. (A) But then, with Leo, you never know. He ate raw bison liver for The Revenant, after all.

BONUS QUESTION: (A) Niekirk smashed a 17-year old mark set my Michael Johnson, but then again, admit it, this quiz was pretty awesome, right?






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