TWEET STORY 2010: My sporty year through the lens of Twitter

Kallis is felled by Sreesanth's snorter at Durban. It was that kind of a year for Indian sport - where they took the game to the opponets.

THAT’S  Jacques Kallis. And the image captures the impact India (not just in cricket but other sports too) made in the sports world. A confident set of sportspersons announced to the world they had arrived – be it in the Commonwealth Games, the Asian games or cricket where the Test team deservedly was No.1 pretty much all through the year. The bouncer Kallis got from Sreesanth is a spectacular image of that announcement of intent. Meanwhile, following all this I have decided to look back on 2010 not through a drab blog chronicling all that happened in the sports world in 2010 but through a partial reproduction of my timeline of sporty tweets through the year. Twitter has been a terrific means of freezing your frame of mind right at that moment and now I had great fun refreshing all of that through the year. Hope all the Get Sporty readers have just as much fun going through this. Wish you a healthy and sporty 2011 – keep your hopes and chin up and always uphold the sporting spirit in everything you do. (Yes, I am talking to you, Ricky!)

The year started with Virender Sehwag calling Bangladesh ‘ordinary’. My tweet about too much time being lost in the test series was equally insensitive I guess. Apologies if I hurt any feelings but it was all in the name of good natured fun.

The India Bangladesh test match has lost 90overs due to bad light! Looks like Bangladesh is so poor that they don’t even have natural light! 11:21 PM Jan 18th via web

Afghanistan’s qualification this year for the ICC World T20 was a true fairytale and their spirit amazingly contagious. But Hamid Karzai’s cricket faux pas was too good not to share!

“He askd me 2 explain d BMW rule.I said the 1st thing he needed 2 know was dat it’s called LBW “-Afghan ckt coach Kabir Khan on Hamid Karzai 3:38 PM Feb 15th via web

India touched the peak of the Test Ratings officially on 18th February as they beat South Africa….. In my heart, they were No.1 the day Australia was conquered in Perth back in 2008. Nonetheless, the sound of #1 rang well in the years and I allowed myself some gloating!

Eden Tha Dan!!! Big Gun #1!!! 4:24 PM Feb 18th via web

Said Ali al-Shihri (al qaeda), Avis, Njovak Djokovic, Dinara Safina, Buzz Aldrin- all u #2s, we are sure you try harder…but hey, we are #1 4:51 PM Feb 18th via web

Indian test team nominated for Japanese management practices at Eden – for excellence in implementing the ‘Just In Time’ system!! 🙂 4:52 PM Feb 18th via web

We thought we had seen enough and more of Sachin Tendulkar. But when he pushed the horizon with a mind boggling double hundred in a One Dayer against South Africa did anybody have an inkling that he would end up the highest scorer in the IPL (a ‘young’ man’s game! Hah!), torment the Aussies and notch up 7 test hundreds including a landmark 50th? Probably not. By the way, he also scored a small matter of 1500+ test runs and picked up the ICC Cricketer of the Year apart from topping the batting rankings for sometime. Sachin is God’s way of fulfilling His wish to play cricket!

Tonight there will be less quarrels in households in India. Why? Coz #Sachin scored a double freaking hundred in an ODI… that’s why!!! 10:12 PM Feb 24th via web

#sachin200 barriers, records and bowlers backs… All break when this man is in full flow!!! 6:19 PM Feb 24th via mobile web

Meanwhile, inspired by Sachin’s levels of amazing fitness I was working out hard at my gym despite all the distractions!

Someone at my gym has come to work wearing a t shirt that says ‘lazy and proud of it’!!! #irony ? 8:25 PM Feb 26th via txt

The Eleventh Commandment was actually delivered for footballers – Thou Shalt Not Use Thy Hands. Thierry Henry was obviously oblivious to it when he used his hand to score a winner against Ireland that got France into the World cup final. I had tweeted that Ireland are now making a bid for an entry into the handball world cup! But that apart, later in the year it was Uruguay’s Luis Suarez stopping a goal with his hand, earning a red card, and a botched penalty from Ghana that put Uruguay into the semis. Too many hands of God here!

#unlikelybrandambassadors Thierry Henry for hands free mobile 4:15 PM Mar 5th via web

Hey Luis, Diego and Thierry… God called… He wants his hand back! And your tentacles too, Paul! 6:57 PM Jul 10th via txt

What is the difference between Robert Green and Luis Suarez? Suarez can stop goals with his hands! 10:52 PM Jul 3rd via mobile web

Meanwhile, at the controversy torn IPL, M S Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings provided a semblance of order and good spirit. They played well and won. Just as simple as that!

Anhoni ho gayi honi….aur IPL Super King ban gaya Dhoni! 9:28 AM Apr 26th via web

And then India went to the ICC Twenty20 World Cup and embarrassed themselves by losing all three games. Dhoni came up with the excuse that too much partying after IPL games cost them the tournament. Ahem!

So, is Dhoni’s ‘We partied that’s why we lost’ the new ‘The dog ate my homework’? 6:49 PM May 13th via web

Meanwhile I went for my third running of the Sunfeast 10k in Bangalore and it was as exhilarating as ever. A timing chip got me an official timing of 56:35 and I was among the top 500 in my category. I have a T-shirt to show for my troubles! Most of all, I cannot forget the encouragement I got from everyone!

If a tree fell down with no one around would it make a sound? That’s why at the 10k everyone has timing chips! 12:32 PM May 21st via mobile web

Thanks everyone for your good wishes…they are the only energy drink you truly need! 🙂 I’m honoured!! 9:20 AM May 23rd via mobile web

I work for a magazine. So, sometimes it is hard to resist making up some headlines. So, when Brazil were beaten at the world cup…

#clichedworldcupheadlines Brazil banished to the Nether Lands 2:34 PM Jul 3rd via mobile web

The World Cup was won in South Africa by a precise and incisive Spain. But the final was marred by poor and almost petulant refereeing. Howard Webb obviously was the butt of my jokes!

Gary Linekar never saw a yellow card in his career. Obviously he’s never had Howard Webb referee any of his games! 4:29 PM Jul 12th via web

Hey, Howard Webb! Vegas called…. they need a new blackjack dealer…they want someone who can deal cards the fastest! 4:27 PM Jul 12th via web

#clichedworldcupheadlines Webb of deceit: Dutch cry foul after losing world cup final amidst a card fest 4:26 PM Jul 12th via web

#clichedworldcupheadlines Oranje collapses in a house of cards 9:23 AM Jul 12th via mobile web

The great and genial Muralitharan retired. But not before he captured wicket no. 800 as the last wicket in his last test leading Sri Lanka to a win against India. Perfect! Then he did not play the next test and India won. Perefct! Just perfect!

Well done Murali! How much more of a perfect ending could anyone ask for! 12:49 AM Jul 23rd via web

Meanwhile, the Commonwealth Games seemed to be running behind schedule.

How many CWG officials does it take to change a lightbulb? A: Shut up! You want them to finish the venues or change lightbulbs! 1:17 AM Aug 14th via mobile web

A betting scandal involving Pakistan (surprise!) broke in England. Joke forwarding scandal broke out on the internet! Guilty!!

“Pakistan have won the toss and decided to bet.” 2:49 PM Sep 6th via web

I was very disappointed with Argentina’s exit from the World Cup. (A 4-0 shellacking the received against Germany). So when they won something, I decided to mess around a little!

Argentina have won the WORLD CUP!!!!!!!! 12:13 PM Sep 14th via web

Oh, sorry…should have specified…The Women’s Hockey World Cup…. 12:13 PM Sep 14th via web

Chak De Argentina? 12:13 PM Sep 14th via web

India pulled off a Houdini heist against Australia in Mohali eking out a 1 wicket nail biting victory. Laxman was the bugbear for the Aussies again supported by Ishant Sharma. Terrific stuff!

Lax’s the Man!! 1:55 PM Oct 5th via Mobile Web

And how can we forget I Shan’t Get Out Sharma!! 1:55 PM Oct 5th via Mobile Web

I teach statistics for a living but haven’t for the life of me been able to figure out how Dhoni could lose 12 out of 13 tosses! But…

@msdhoni you can lose as many tosses as you want if this is the result!!! 5:10 PM Oct 13th via Mobile Web

India showcased itself superbly at the CWG, on and off the field, never mind the controversies

Super Model…er…medal tally!!! 38-26-36 4:08 PM Oct 14th via web

Though it must be said the aftermath was important…

Spot on @wsj !! “Let the Commonwealth Blames Begin” 12:26 PM Oct 18th via web

As Sachin continued his dream year, I couldn’t help but share this lovely little nugget from an interview in The Guardian.

SRT 2 Bradman on his 90th Bday-If you were playin today,what would u have averaged? ’70’ ‘Why not 99?’ ‘C’mon,70 isn’t bad for a 90-yr-old’ 11:11 AM Oct 30th via web

The San Francisco Giants won baseball’s World Series. Good time for puns!

Killer Giants!! #worldseries 11:08 AM Nov 2nd via web

Against New Zealand, obviously Viru was not in full flow!

Only Sehwag can be a batsman in whom we will be disappointed because his strike rate in a test match was a measly 87! 5:44 PM Nov 4th via web

As a Liverpool fan, it has been a torrid year. Change of ownership, team throyubles, the works! But against Chelsea when Torres hit a fabulous goal I pretty much jumped over my sofa and screamed…

Liverpool, I love you! 9:43 PM Nov 7th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

FIFA created quite a stir by awarding the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar respectively over more fancied bids (read England). When I was in Paris in August I remembered seeing the Qatari Embassy go all out in its publicity!

Qatar gets to host the 2022 World Cup! It was the bilboard outside their embassy in Paris that did the trick I think!! 8:10 PM Dec 3rd via web

England won the Ashes (or, rather retained them) but not before Mitchell Johnson made an inspiring comeback at Perth after being dropped for the previous test. His all round man of the match performance got them back in the series and resurrected his career.

MJ is back!!!……at the WACA… 9:13 AM Dec 17th via Snaptu

But then, the Aussie slide in other departments in general and the captaincy slot in particular continued and England thrashed the at the MCG to wipe out the pain of the whitewash the last time.

The English cricket team is in a spy thriller where they come back from a defeat to capture the Ashes. It is called ‘The Melbourne Supremacy about 16 hours ago via Snaptu

And in South Africa, India pulled off a brilliant win at Durban once again Laxman playing a crucial role. On the first day when India ended at 183/6, I noted one small little statistic – VVS Laxman had hit a six. Good Omen!

The last time Laxman hit a six in a test match (Kolkata v Pak in 2005), India won…hmmm…things looking good at Durban, then! 🙂 12:11 AM Dec 27th via web

Of course, the test before that, India lost by an innings, but Sachin stamped his class again. Next day, DNA copied my headline!

Half Centurion @ Centurion: congrats @sachin_rt on the 50th test hundred! 7:41 PM Dec 19th via Snaptu

I feel privileged to have seen such a super year in sport for India. Saina Nehwal never got mentioned up there but she was terrific all through and even the hcokey team put in two uplifting performances against arch rivals Pakistan despite all the other troubles. I will remain forever an optimist, and in terms of a year of superlative sport, I couldn’t have asked for much better than 2010. Unless, of course things get better in 2011!

But no predictions this time. There’s a Chinese proverb that goes – ‘When men speak of the future, the Gods laugh’.

Just laugh at my Tweets for now.

🙂 Happy New Year!


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